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Jay will quickly become more important to your business life than perhaps any other advisor or service provider you connect with. He will touch your business and personal life in a way nobody else has. To prove it, Jay has a gift for you:

Learn Jay’s TOP 5 proven strategies to multiply growth, increase performance and to grow your life and business exponentially in this 2 hour training series he’s giving to you GRATIS, absolutely free.  These are the most important 5 lessons that Jay share and they are yours absolutely free as part of your introduction to Abraham University!

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“Jay came to us with a new idea for utilizing our customer names. I was skeptical initially; however, this program provided us with additional income in excess of $400,000 during the 20 months that the inserts ran. I enjoy working with Jay because I both trust him and respect his marketing expertise.”
R. Kent Tipton

Former President, Target, Inc.

“I’m a pretty good marketer. But as good as I am at marketing, Jay Abraham is better. He is the finest marketing mind on this planet. His work for others was wildly profitable, and I decided to get to know him. I finally was forced to surrender to the fact that Jay Abraham is a lovable, eccentric, unorthodox genius, the likes of whom I will probably never meet again. Once I accepted that, he made me millions.”
Howard Ruff

Creator, The Ruff Times

“I’ve met only two marketing geniuses in my life. The first was Vince Fagan, the man who came up with ‘When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight FedEx.’

The second is Jay Abraham. Jay teaches you more workable, tangible, profitable techniques and strategies than you can probably apply in three lifetimes. But what he teaches you about mindset is his true gift of wealth.”

Michael Basch

An Original Founder, Federal Express


Daymond John is the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU, and appears as an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank. Watch this testimonial video where Daymond shares why Jay Abraham is his mentor and what Jay’s teachings can do for you!


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