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It is fashionable today, especially for smaller business owners or entrepreneurs, to bash any non-tactical business expert who commands far “above-market-perception” fees and prices. These entrepreneurs think that these rare experts charge far too much. Actually (and easily measurable), quite the opposite is true.

The pay that this rare breed of expert commands and receive are largely caused by the outsized, superior results their ideas, advice, and guidance delivers for the client companies who “get” them. Also, understandably, the disparity between what an average marketing consultant or specialist charges and the seemingly nose-bleed, exorbitant fees the superstars get—is largely caused by pure market dynamics and industry competition.

If someone’s mammoth mind and methods are outperforming someone else’s—by orders of magnitude—when hitched to a given client business’ growth, competitive efforts, AND activities (and superior, in comparison, to someone far less knowledgeable, skilled, and masterful) their results will prove outsized in the ROI that those efforts deliver.

These forces of nature have always been rare, and always will be. When you’re lucky enough to harness their unimaginable abilities for YOUR business or professional practice—failure to take full advantage (if at all possible) is outright illogical.

Why should you (would you) want to keep your business income / financial security / wealth on a precarious or limited trajectory when the same business, the same market opportunity, the same resource expenditures—deployed and guided under the watchful eye of a “savant”—could double, redouble, even redouble again the result an average consultant would deliver? It makes NO sense—in business—to choose mediocrity over earning millions (or tens of millions) more over the course of your business / life.

In truth, the pay of super consultants and masterful thinking partners HAS gone up—top ones make 50X more than the average generic $200/hour consultant.

Certainly, some self-promoters (possessing far fewer attributes than their lavish hype would suggest) DO definitely exist out there. But, in general, the determinator that dictates someone truly extraordinary being able to command truly extraordinary compensation. Compensation for their knowledge is pretty much in lockstep value to the historic (and continuous) results that a persons’ documented track record and direct performance contribution will provide: sales wise, profit wise, competitively, and wealth creating-wise.

The best way to understand the enormous disparity between mere business coaches, consultants or trainers, and TRUE Super Consultants is simple. The latter talent pool is always unimaginably slim. And the best opportunities always attract the best talent—assuming value correction is well understood by the CEO / owner or the client / company.

Also, and again, not surprisingly—the required abilities of the Super Consultants have expanded dramatically by all the dynamic elements of today’s global, digital, and consumer-educated market environments.

Even Super Consultants must now “UP” their game and add many new skills, understandings, integrative critical / strategic thinking capabilities that were NOT necessary in the past. Being able to get their mind and hands around how to propel a given business’ product / service line into a far higher orbit requires a much more cat-scan understanding of the forces, factors, elements, and impact points affecting that business, market or industry—on a worldwide, competitive basis.

Being able to mastermind great outcomes (and outrageous breakthroughs) today isn’t simply a piece-of-cake. It takes enormous / exquisite mastery of an unimaginable spectrum of implications, applications, assumptions, probabilities, and predictive outcomes.

This is ONLY possible from actually having done it on the front lines of capitalism many times over, in as many diverse scenarios as possible. Few can claim even a fraction of that depth / breadth of success-based experience. Even fewer grasp exactly what moves people to action or inaction—what makes one proposition more compelling, believable, and / or preferred than another.

It’s the depth, breadth, and true empirical understanding of what moves people, markets, and business growth that denominates the expert wheat from the chaff.

Super Consultants must now possess great communication skills, due to the scope of the different people their strategies must be deployed through.

They need to grasp the “process / impact chain” of execution / implementation at a level never before required—since even a minor execution “slip-up” can be significant and threaten the entire “Master Success Game Plan”. Also, now the world is always watching, observing, judging, reporting, criticizing, emulating—24/7.

Business today is so competitively-driven that—to lead a company to greatness, a Super Consultant requires extensive, expansive, and constantly updated intelligence and knowledge of how today’s business gets done, how / what opportunities are worth pursuing, how the mind of the prospect / buyer now differs—and a dizzying array more.

Plus, virtually all companies—large, medium, and small—are becoming tech companies and the applications / implications are far-reaching.

The common idea that “Super Consultants are no better than their 1/50th priced average, generic counterpart” is simply misperceived.

Entrepreneurs, in general, fail to adequately grasp the “preeminent talent”—the performance enhancement correlation.

This direct correlation has been rising asymmetrically. That means business owners who decide to do it alone (or to hire mediocrity instead of greatness) are facing a tough future.

Furthermore, the prospect / buyer market reacts proportionately (and quickly) to the best strategies and business models that Super Consultants conceive—an inarguable sign that the value in exponential-level expertise is incomparably higher than that of the generic, “white label” brand specialists.

There’s also the ludicrous trend of questioning the “obvious” inequity of time vs. money: that a Super Consultant doesn’t usually bill by the hour. Why would he / she? Grasp, please, that they’re delivering the quintessential experience, knowledge, perspectives, and brilliance of a lifetime to you.

Super-star business growth brains exist—and are accessible to your business or challenge—IF you grasp their unimaginable impact and competitive / economic value.

Unequaled value creation is the denominator you should be measuring against the assets you invest in—be it real assets / capital—or intellectual / human capital.

So, the real questions here are:

1) Where can you find these Super Consultants before / instead of your competition, and

2) What / how much more will you / your business gain with their mammoth minds backing your horse?

I end many essays the same way:

I pray YOU grasp the profound implication / message here—and not your most formidable competitor!