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“Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: The Jay Abraham Story”

It was conceived, created, scripted, produced, and directed by five-time Emmy-award-winning Producer/Director Nick Nanton. Nick has produced some of the most heralded documentaries of the last five years.

He raised considerable capital from loyal/entrepreneur advocates.

He sent Hollywood-quality film crews out to interview/observe and encapsulate the mind, methods, motivations and meaning of the body of my life’s work and achievements.

He traveled around the country interviewing a huge number of clients and icons who perhaps know me better than I know myself.

He and his editors watched/listened to thousands of hours of my programs, keynotes, podcasts and materials.

The result? A 47-minute, network quality documentary he says will blow the socks off any entrepreneurs who watch it… so you might want to wear two pairs!

Watch the trailer and experience the amazing work in store inside the full-length film.