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We are playing a game together called business, called marketing, called positioning, called advertising, called selling, for which the stakes are enormous…. The ability to transcend whatever level you’re at right now rapidly, safely and immediately are equally as profound because it costs the same in terms of access to the market, time, salaries, advertising expense

If you have limited resources, meaning you don’t have an unlimited business checkbook…you don’t have tens or hundreds of millions to spend on marketing experiments, on resource experiments, on psychology experiments, on selling experiments and you wanna get the benefit of all that expenditure for naught… Then you’re going to love small moves | Modeling for Millions

Modeling for Millions and Borrowing from Billions–the name itself is based on two premises that some of the larger entities Jay has worked with, spent billions of dollars combined to figure out what they know… and that you do not…about a marketing strategy business model called the mind of the market
Jay will show you how to take what they have learned at their expense and share with you so that you can apply it to what you do… and if you do it well it can make you millions more over the course of your business, and for some of you, millions more annually

Shifting your lens or perspective and using it now as a vehicle to give you market data intelligence on what markets want… that they are not getting can give you enormous advantage allowing you to laser in on product service offerings that you may not be making right now, or you may not be combining right now, or you may not be targeting right now. AND IT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING

  • You Will Learn:
  • Where niches exist that you can capitalize on
  • How to figure out what the market wants and doesn’t
  • What markets want that they’re not getting
  • ​How to capitalize and leverage off of millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, even BILLIONS of dollars — for no investment on your part
  • ​How to mine sunk-cost knowledge that exists that is not recognized, valued, harnessed or harvested by anyone else
  • ​How to make up for your underperforming marketing, selling, business model, and positioning efforts and effectively leverage off of the most successful superior performing competitors in your market — and use other people’s past investments to do it

What You’ll Get

  • 3 Hours of LIVE interactive instruction with proven strategies to grow your business and personal wealth.
    Video, + Audio Recordings, Workbooks, Transcripts and Resources
    ​​Participation in our private networking Facebook group
    ​​FREE Enrollment In Abraham University – Available Instantly
    ​2 Hour Mastery Course – Mastermind 101 – Teaching you the basics of The Abraham Way – Available Instantly’
    ​PLUS Bonus course giveaways and other incentives from Jay.