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Will You Partner Or Perish?

In this 3-Hour business mastery event, Jay Abraham, marketing legend & business building grandmaster will show you how to get you into the core essence of what Jay was tutored when he was younger and just starting, and what has driven Jay to really, really rapid greatness and benefit clients and himself without a lot of investment or risk.
That is what all of us want right?

High yield, low cost, low risk accelerated results

Jay has literally helped businesses of ALL types and ALL levels of maturity (or just beginning) — grow more successfully and more profitably ALL around the world over his career — and, knows how to do it with little-or-no investment or risk!

In short, if you are willing to open your mind and challenge conventional thinking, Jay will show you the key on how to explode your business, safer, faster with far less time, effort, investment, or resource requirements, and that’s really what Small Moves | Partner Or Perish is all about.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create partnerships with strategic twists which will dramatically expand and enhance your ability to generate new revenue, and elevate your positioning, all with minimal expenditure
  • The way to achieve the 9 major benefits of strategic alliances and the 43 additional success factors using the “Tom Sawyer School Of Business” concept of thinking
  • 15 different types of strategic alliances which will get your competitors to promote you and your business
  • How to decide on the individual strategic objectives for your situation to drive more success, growth, profitability
  • The right questions to ask yourself to perform an inventory and opportunity audit which will help you uncover the under-utilizied assets you have available right now
  • These are just some of the ways that you can use what you’ll discover during Partner or Perish to grow your brand and audience.

If you have limited resources, meaning you don’t have an unlimited business checkbook…you don’t have tens or hundreds of millions to spend on marketing experiments, on resource experiments, on psychology experiments, on selling experiments and you want to get the benefit of all that expenditure for a fraction of the cost… Then you’re going to love Small Moves | Partner Or Perish.

Let’s get started!