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Craig Simpson, the founder of Simpson Direct and a direct mail marketing consultant and coach, knows the value of tangible marketing. Simpson Direct has mailed more than 300,000,000 sales pieces, used thousands of mailing lists, and sold hundreds of thousands of products, courses, services, and newsletters. In this talk, Craig breaks down exactly how his company continues to maximize marketing dollars and increase profits for their clients.
In this episode, Craig will explain who does well with direct mail, how, and why it’s so effective in our digital age. You’ll also learn the numbers – the response rates, cost ranges, yield, and impact – and learn how great copy changes the game.

Craig and I take it one step further and explore the value of deeper connection and relationship-building, and we lament the fact that many entrepreneurs have become short-sighted in the way they conduct business with their most valuable connections. Listen in to learn how you can leverage direct mail in your business – and learn the best ways to acknowledge, appreciate, and increase the lifetime value of your clients.

0:00 – 04:00 – Introducing Craig, his company Simpson Direct, and the truth about direct mail marketing.
04:00 – 09:30 – How you make a profit with direct mail, some examples of who does well with direct mail marketing, how direct mail is leveraged, and how the list market can be maximized.
09:30 – 18:30 – On response rates, testing, cost range, yield, options, the impact of sales copy on response rates, and how to find and compensate a great copywriter.
18:30 – 22:00 – The value of great copywriting, why some entrepreneurs today are short-sighted, and why it’s critical to your business and quality of life to build lasting relationships.
22:00 – 24:30 – The value of deeper connection, the resurgence of people wanting to gather and build relationships, and the three things Craig demonstrated when working with Jay.
24:30 – 28:00 – Understanding lifetime value, how to begin experimenting with direct mail and with whom, and how to fund more direct mail for your business.

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